Have you been thinking about creative fire pit ideas to suit your home? Would you like to have a unique and breathtaking fire pit to beautify your home?

There’s hardly anything more magical and blissful – besides visiting Disneyland on Christmas Day, maybe – than sitting around a well-constructed outdoor fire pit with loved ones or friends, enveloped in the warmth of the fire pit’s ambiance every evening.

Those crackling flames are soothing. You can have the time of your life making s'mores, roasting hot dogs, and sipping chilled red wine with family and friends as you relax around your backyard fire pit.

If you don’t own a fire pit yet and desire to get one, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg. Get those creative juices flowing by building a custom-built fire feature you will always be proud of.

Fire Pit Sources

The secret to creating a custom-built fire pit lies in its basic building materials. 

You can make a fire feature from repurposed materials like flower pots, metal planters, steel receptacles, glass, etc. 

Bricks, concrete, retaining wall blocks, and pavers may also come in handy

20 Best Creative Fire Pit Ideas

Here are the top 20 creative ideas for building fire pits you should consider:

  1. Easy Fire Pit with Pavers

One of the most inexpensive ways of making a fire pit involves pavers. Visit Home Depot for some retaining wall blocks, pavers, and sand for $50.

Lay a ring of blocks and ensure you maintain a diameter of up to 33 inches. Install the pavers on the floor and quickly sweep the sand across the pavers. This helps lock the pavers into place and prevents those blocks from shifting.

If you want to make it a perfect starter masonry project, include mortar, concrete, or grout. You will need to par down a few pavers with a hammer and masonry chisel in order to create a perfect circle.

  1. Stone Fire Pit plus Half Wall

This type of fire pit matches all décor and is extremely neat. A stone fire pit plus half wall is the perfect option if you have unused backyard space.

You will need cement or heavy-duty glue and stone bricks. Outline the area you want to cover and work along this area.

  1. DIY Glass Fire Pit

You should consider this simple fire pit idea since it has an innovative modern style that goes excellently well in your backyard and inside the house.

You will require some thin borosilicate glass sheets often used in making grill ovens and a metal planter.

Create a rectangular box with 4 sides. Ensure the 4 sides fit over the planter perfectly. Then fill up the planter with pebbles and use fire gel fuel cans to generate flames.

  1. Koi Pond Fire Pit

An old garden pond can also be used for making a fire pit as they are mostly lined with non-combustible stones or rocks. However, the old garden pond must be the right size for a satisfactory outcome. You need to also ensure that the pond is not lined with EPDM (a synthetic rubber), PVC, or other flammable pond liners. The best option should have concrete or stone linings.

You need only to make a simple transformation using a covering of rocks, a layer or two of sand, and some firewood.

  1. Square Fire Pit

You can make a straightforward and stylish square fire pit in your backyard using cement wall blocks laid carefully on a bed of sand.

But the sand may shift and spoil this design. Therefore, create a 4-inch hole in the grass using a spade to prevent such from happening. Get rid of the turf, and then fill the hole with paver sand.

Only add firewood to the ensemble and a bountiful supply of s'mores, and the party can be underway!

  1. Steel and Stone Fire Pit

Steel is an excellent material for making a fire pit. Get steel sheets and quickly create 2 structures. Ensure one structure is bigger than the other, as the bigger one will serve as an outer rim.

Fill the space between these circular structures with big slabs of stone in order to give the fire pit a better structure.

  1. Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit (Repurposed)

Nothing else makes for a stylish and seemingly pricey but free fire pit, and a stainless steel washing machine drum is the key.

This sleek receptacle is made of stainless steel capable of holding up to heat. It has several holes all over the drum, allowing for oxygen flow that fires need in order to get going.

The tiny holes peppered all over the washing machine drum offer another perk at night; they look like tiny dots of light against the backdrop of a dark and moonless night.

  1. Retaining Block Fire Pit

You can create this fire pit if you have a cracked clay chimenea. You will need to buy retaining blocks from your local home improvement store.

Stack the remaining blocks at least 4 tiers high. The lawn will serve as the custom-built fire pit's floor. You can increase oxygen flow by cutting one of the retaining blocks in half and positioning each half directly on opposite sides near the bottom of the ring in order to create the necessary vents.

The angled sides of the retaining wall blocks effectively serve as the fire pit walls. The result is a custom-built fire pit with a perfect circle and zero gaps.

  1. Mini Fire Pit

You can create a mini fire pit using a flowerpot or urn. This means the fire pit takes a particular shape and size or takes the form of any container you choose to use.

Start by spraying the inside of the urn or flowerpot with non-stick cooking spray. Then pour in quickly-setting concrete. Fix one or more gel fuel canisters into the wet create in order to create the perfect space. Ensure you coat the canister with non-stick cooking spray to make removal easy.

Position a few beach glasses or rocks into the pliable, still-wet concrete mix. This makes for a sparkling finishing touch.

As soon as the concrete dries, take away the container by gliding the concrete out of it or breaking the container apart gently. There you have it: your innovatively created and unique fire pit.

  1. BBQ (Barbecue) Fire Pit

Most backyard or outdoor fire pits offer another unique charm besides warmth on a cold winter evening: flames that can easily roast s'mores or just marshmallows.

A BBQ fire pit is ideal for anyone that wants a functional fire feature for cooking throughout the summer. If that is you, get and set 2 full-sized grills on top of a ring of retaining wall blocks. This allows you to cook anything you desire, including kebabs, steaks, etc.

  1. Suspended Cauldron

There’s nowhere better for creating classic fire pits than during camping or in the wilderness. This is because classic fire features are the #1 method of making food and getting warm.

You can create a suspended cauldron fire pit by erecting a tripod using thin metal rods. Then, hang a giant and stylish deep cauldron or cast iron cooking pot.

But instead of lighting the fire beneath the cauldron, set the firewood inside it and relax to enjoy the warm glow.

  1. Upcycle a Beer Keg

Retooling a used beer keg into a fire pit may not sound pretty, but it can be as long as you possess the DIY skills and time. You need to also know how to use a circular saw, welding machine, angle grinder, or drill. You can use the tools to create steel horizontal or vertical receptacles as well as add vent holes.

You can also sand and polish stainless steel beer keys to a mirror finish. Create time and get some elbow grease in order to enhance the beauty of these simple containers.

  1. Tire Rim Tower

You should consider this creative fire pit idea, especially if you can get your hands on 2 old car or truck tire rims of the same size. These are the materials you need to create an industrial-looking and unique fire pit. You won't even need to weld the 2 edges of the tire rims. Just stack the tire rims on top of each other.

You will also need an angle grinder for cutting out the same-sized rectangles or squares from each tire rim. Turn one rim on top of the other and line up the rectangles or squares. 

This positioning should give you a large opening for adding firewood when needed. But what if you prefer an open fire option? You need to use just one tire rim and then stack bricks and rocks stylishly around the makeshift fire pit.

You may consider using tractor tire rims which are excellent options and are large enough for a much larger fire pit.

  1. Rustic Wheelbarrow Charm Fire Pit

Consider creating a fire pit using an old wheelbarrow if you own a home with a French country aesthetic, farmhouse look, or rustic styling.

Using an old wheelbarrow fits in with the general aesthetics and even adds some authenticity to your fire pit design.

An old or well-worn steel wheelbarrow could be past its prime for farm or yard work. But you can give the cart a second life as a great fire pit.

Ensure the wheelbarrow has no significant rust or cracks. Get rid of wooden, rubber, or plastic parts. Protecting your lawn while ensuring the fire pit is safe to use makes sense. 

Therefore, create a brick or stone foundation and center the well-worn wheelbarrow on it.

  1. Concrete Fire Rings

Do you know concrete fire rings can make for a brilliant and exceptional fire pit? You may need to spend up to $50 or even less.

Stack concrete tree rings and set them into a circular shape. Let the rings be as high as you'd like for a great fire pit. This is because concrete fire rings are available in different shades of orange, beige, white, pink, and orange hues. This gives you several options, and even a few have scallops.

Bear in mind that not every concrete is fire-safe. Therefore, line the interior or inside the concrete fire pit with fire clay mortar and fire brick. This keeps the fire pit intact. A protective fire ring can also serve as an inner liner.

  1. Repurposed Birdbath

Many DIY enthusiasts don't consider repurposing your birdbath as another excellent fire pit idea many DIY enthusiasts don't consider. If you can no longer maintain your birdbath or have grown tired of paying off costly water bills, your next fire pit is in the works.

For this to work effectively, your low-lying fountain must be constructed of fire-safe materials like terra cotta or marble. This is because concrete is not 100 percent safe.

Disconnect every water hookup to the low-lying fountain and get rid of every flammable and plastic material.

Fill up the birdbath with firewood. Switch the water hoses for gas lines if you want to get even fancier. You may not be able to handle this on your own, so get a professional. A birdbath fire pit will transform your backyard into a beehive of evening activity with friends or guests while roasting marshmallows.

  1. Stonehenge of Bricks

Stonehenge has a majestic look, and you can borrow that monument style to create a fire pit.

You will need to buy some bricks. Stack them like dominoes, leaving a space between every brick. Lay a top layer atop the bricks and line them all up. Lock the bricks in place.

The outcome is an elegantly-designed fire pit with the practical benefits of slotted openings that permit free-flowing air for stoking the flames.

  1. Adirondack-Style Fire Pit

This Adirondack-style hexagon-shaped fire pit is easy to make. You will need lumber for the frame and fence boards to serve as a slatted table while Adirondack chairs finish the design.

The fire pit can fit within the frame while the flames are supplied by Eco Logs that eliminate sparks or gel fireplace fuel canisters.

  1. Modern-Style Do-It-Yourself Metal and Glass Fire Pit

You can create a small and sleek, contemporary-style fire pit using glass frame coverings, a metal grate, and a metal or terra cotta planter.

Glue the sheets of glass with marine silicone and then place this 4-sided glass structure into the rectangular metal or terra cotta planter. Place a grate on the bottom, which will allow the gel canisters to fuel the fire pit flames.

  1. Tabletop Fire Pit

Fire pits can also look luxurious and subtle, and this tabletop fire pit idea best describes these features.

Create a base and some pebbles as well as a glass cover, and a mini tabletop fire pit is ready within minutes!


There you have them: the top 20 creative fire pit ideas you should consider and try out. Each fire pit idea is simple to apply, and you can customize it any way you want in order to suit your preference.

Once you decide on a fire pit idea and work on it, you will have a custom-made fire pit that can last for several years. However, proper maintenance of your fire pit is key to enhancing its longevity and efficacy for many years.

So, what are you waiting for? Consider getting any of these top highly creative fire pit ideas done for you to give your home that unique touch!


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