The Ultimate Guide To The Best Fire Pits To Buy For Your Home Or Business

If you are looking for the best way to add some warmth and ambiance to your backyard, a fire pit is a perfect solution! 

Not only do they provide a place for you to gather around with friends and family at home, but they can also be used to give a great ambiance to restaurants, bars, and open areas. In this article, we will provide you with a guide to the best fire pits to buy for your home, or if you are a designer, for areas where you will make magic happen.


If you are looking for the best way to add some warmth and ambiance to your backyard, a fire pit is a perfect solution! 

Not only do they provide a place for you to gather around with friends and family at home, but they can also be used to give a great ambiance to restaurants, bars, and open areas. In this article, we will provide you with a guide to the best fire pits to buy for your home, or if you are a designer, for areas where you will make magic happen.

We will also discuss the different types of fire pits available and what you should consider before making your purchase.

So let’s dive in!


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What is a fire pit?

Fire pits are gas-burning or wood-burning structures designed to contain fires. These structures are specifically designed to keep fires off the ground and retain them.

A fire pit is one of the easiest ways to create a rustic atmosphere or feeling of a campfire on your patio, deck, or backyard. Most fire pits can be used year-round and provide cozy focal points for family, friends, and neighbors to hang out.

Fire pits are constructed using a wide variety of materials. This implies that the material you choose will make a significant difference, especially in terms of maintenance, longevity, as well as overall cost.

Here are some of the materials fire pits are made of:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Polyresin
  • Faux Stone & Concrete
  • GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)
  • Copper

Choosing a fire pit made of a specific material is not really something you should take lightly. For instance, powder-coated steel fire pits tend to have shorter lifespans than those made from cast aluminum or concrete.

If you live in a locality or area where you continually face weather issues, the best type of fire pit to buy should be those constructed with highly resistant materials such as concrete, stone, or GFRC.

Speaking of types of fire pits, head over to the next section to see the numerous types of fire pits on the market today.

Types of Fire Pits

Whether you are looking for a small or large fire pit, there is sure to be one that’s perfect for your needs. Here are the different types of fire pits available out there:

1. Water Fire Pits

Water fire pits have a unique water feature that offers unique focal points in the backyard. This fire pit is usually installed for its feel and look or aesthetic appeal rather than functionality.

Water trickles around the dancing flames of the fire pit set in the middle of the structure. It can truly be a captivating sight to see every night without tiring of it.

Water fire pits easily catch the attention of passers-by and neighbors, especially if you set one up in your open backyard. 

If you are looking for a fire pit that makes a grand statement in that lovely backyard of yours, a water fire pit will do.

An excellent example of a water fire pit is the Slick Rock KCC29CPSCC Cascade Series 29-Inch round fire pit. 

It is one of the best water fire pits for adding designer sophistication to any outdoor space. It also provides aesthetically pleasing focal points for your backyard.

2.Propane Fire Pits

Propane fire pits guarantee ultimate convenience by allowing you to enjoy quality flame but without building one with wood or coping with refilling gel. This type of fire pit is usually larger than wood-burning pits and is, in most cases, the focal point of any space.

The flame a propane fire pit emits is impressive as it rises from beneath rock pebbles, faux wood, or glass pebbles. The pit itself is designed to accommodate a 20-pound propane tank which you can purchase at the local grocery store. 

Usually, a propane tank cover would be ideal to cover the tank and make it more appealing. Some models have their tanks within them, however, a majority will require a propane tank cover.

Propane fire pits mostly have ignition switches housed beneath the fire pit alongside the propane tank. This makes lighting them a walk in the park. You can extinguish a propane fire pit by cutting off the propane supply.

An example of a propane fire pit is The Outdoor Greatroom Company Kenwood Linear Dining Height Gas Fire Pit Table. This particular product is set up for liquid propane but can be converted to natural gas with the conversion kit included when purchased. This fire pit has a contemporary style that makes it ideal for entertaining.

3. Natural Gas Fire Pits

If you have more than enough space for natural gas installation in your backyard, consider buying a natural gas fire pit. This type of fire pit is somewhat similar to Propane Fire Pit.

However, the major difference between a Propane Fire Pit and a Natural Gas Fire Pit is that the latter has a permanent connection to a specific natural gas line. 

This efficiently eliminates the risk of suddenly running out of gas. It is also the only costly aspect of using this type of fire pit.

Natural gas fire pits are often the least portable types as they cannot be moved once installed. However, the good news is that they are the most affordable to operate. Maintaining a natural gas fire pit is also a breeze.

Natural gas fire pits are available in different designs, though Sunken Design and Tabletop, Square, or Round Design are the most popular.

4.Electric Fire Pits

Electric Fire Pits are stylish and convenient options perfect for a deck or patio. Electric Fire pits are also known as Electronic Ignition Fire Pits. It would instantly ignite with the press of a button depending on the fuel in use.

An Electric Fire Pit comes with a tile top that can be used as a resting spot for your drinks as you settle by the fire. The lava rocks – usually included with your purchase – provide the atmosphere and warmth you need every night.

An excellent example of an Electric Fire Pit is the Elementi Hampton Table OFG139. It is a charming and sleek electric fire pit with a high cast-concrete finish and features up to 45,000 BTUs of nothing but pure, outdoor bliss. Or the PyroMania Fire Moderne, with a design that is extremely modern providing the ultimate electric fire pit experience.

5.Wood Burning Fire Pits

Wood burning fire pits are not unlike having a campfire in your backyard. This type of fire pit provides the same smoky ambiance and warmth as campfires, while the fire is contained in a bowl and a screen cover for safety.

Most wood-burning fire pits are constructed with steel. But the size of the fire bowl is the distinguishing factor between them. The larger the fire bowl, the bigger the fire you can make, and vice versa.

Wood-burning fire pits come fitted with legs that provide an additional layer of safety. They do this by keeping the fire pit off the ground and far away from the patio floor. The legs also raise the heat much close to guests or family members gathered around it.

You will find a wide variety of wood-burning fire pits on the market. They come in different sizes and styles. One perfect example is the Fire Pit Art Saturn. This wood-burning fire pit has a ring that can serve as a handy resting spot for your beverage or footrest as the embers glow under a clear sky and full moon.

The Fire Pit Art Saturn has an inner diameter of 28 inches and an outer diameter of 40 inches. It stands 14-inches tall, while the width of the ring is 6 inches. It is constructed with sandblasted steel and generally weighs 175 lbs.

You can always find a wood-burning fire pit that fits your outdoor space. You can place it anywhere and convert the ambiance of your backyard into the perfect hangout spot for family and friends.

6.Custom Made Fire Pits

Do you know you can get skilled craftsmen to create a personal and unique outdoor fire pit? You can get a team of highly skilled craftsmen to create a custom-made fire pit, following your exact specifications.

This is the best option for you if your goal is to make your backyard or patio the envy of the entire neighborhood. Nothing more extraordinary or aesthetically pleasing than a personalized fire pit that graces and beautifies your outdoor living area.

You can even choose the type of material the personalized fire pit should be made from. Leave everything else in the hands of experienced and skilled craftsmen. 

The Fire Pit Art Tropical Moon, Fire Pit Art Scallop, or Fire Pit Art Nepal are some of the few examples of custom-made fire pits.

If you would like something more modern and custom made, then look no further that Prism Hardscapes fire pits. They are made in the USA using only the best materials.

7.Stone Propane Fire Pit

A Stone Propane Fire Pit may have a stylish design, but it still adds warmth to any outdoor living space. 

The burner is a beautiful natural stone finish combined with stainless steel, making it an excellent addition to any patio or garden. It is highly durable and built to resist the weather.

The BTU output of this fire pit ensures you remain warm on the chilliest evenings and still enjoy watching the dancing flames as you relax at the end of a hard day’s work. Stone Propane Fire Pits are available in various designs and styles.

8.Concrete Fire Pit Table

Concrete Fire Pit Tables are specifically designed for those who want to enjoy refreshing evenings in their backyard space. This type of fire pit has a sleek concrete design, and its flame is adjustable, thanks to the gas burner it is equipped with.

Concrete Fire Pit Table – which is available as a concrete gas fire pit and concrete propane fire table options – also includes lava rock. Lava rocks help create a scenic ambiance that adds to the overall beauty of the fire pit. 

It has a user-friendly push-button ignition system, making it easy to light up with no hassle. Also, we highly recommend this material because it is durable and will last for years to come.


The Elementi Metropolis Fire Table is an excellent example of a Concrete Fire Pit Table. Its length is 56 inches; it is 32 inches wide and 14 inches high. 

The linear shape of this fire pit has a great influence in starting conversations around this modern piece. This fire pit comes with an electronic push-button that makes it easy to ignite.

9.Square Fire Pits

Square Fire Pits give captivating and warm glows in backyards. They are designed in various styles and sizes, so choosing one suitable for your needs is never a challenge.

Square Fire Pits come with lava rocks which help provide a realistic feel and look. The LP gas option offers convenient portability and an additional touch of style. This makes it possible to move your fire pit from your backyard to any other place if needed

It is highly recommended that you get a Square Fire Pit with a protective cover in order to keep your lovely investment sound and safe at all times. When you buy a fire pit with us, we will include this for free.

The Prism Hardscapes Tavola 42 Fire Table is an excellent example of a Square Fire Pit. The fuel options for this fire pit include propane or natural gas. This fire pit is crafted with GFRC (glass fiber reinforced cement) and has an automatic shut-off feature for added safety.

10.Lava Rocks Fire Pit

Lava Rocks Fire Pits are essentially fire pits that use lava rock extensively. Lava rock is a durable, low-maintenance, natural-looking, and clean fire pit surface media that always retains its natural color, irrespective of exposure to a combination of extremely high heat as well as harsh weather conditions.

The Lava rock fire pits are extremely cost-effective options because they last and do not cost all that much to replace and use as needed. It practically relies heavily on lava rocks for its ambiance as the latter guarantees even heat distribution.

Lava rocks also guarantee the protection of crucial gas fire pit components like the burner pan or burner.

11.Round Concrete Fire Pit

Round Concrete Fire Pits are beautiful pieces constructed with high-quality materials designed to enhance the scenic atmosphere of cool evenings. This type of fire pit comes with an electronic ignition that makes it a breeze to start.

Round Concrete Fire Pits are stylish and sturdy, the perfect choice for late-night chats. The rustic finish of a Round Concrete Fire Pit promotes entertaining conversations, and it is so durable that you will use it for many years to come.

An excellent example of a Round Concrete Fire Pit is the Elementi Fiery Rock Fire Table. This round concrete fire pit creates a dramatic outdoor atmosphere and also adds that original hearth that easily complements your home’s exterior design.

12.Rectangular Fire Pit

Rectangular Fire Pits are the perfect options for keeping everything cozy outdoors. You will always love to take in the fresh air on endless summer evenings or enjoy your meals with friends around this remarkable Rectangular Fire Pit.

The Rectangular Fire Pit runs on propane or natural gas. This means you don’t have to bother about storing bulky firewood. This functional fire pit is available in a variety of sizes and finishes. They are all designed to make your backyard or patio look extraordinary.

The Elementi Hampton Table is an excellent example of a Rectangular Fire Pit. It is an elegant fire pit with high heat output and a modern design. It is user-friendly, thanks to its electronic start button.

This Rectangular Fire Pit is guaranteed to keep your entire group warm with lava rocks filler, stainless burner components, 10 feet of LP hose.

13.Fire Pit Dining Table


A fire pit dining table is a patio table that features a fire pit at the center, which offers ambience via an authentic but safe flame.

Adding fire pit dining tables to patios adds a sense of convenience and luxury to your home. 

As soon as temperatures start dropping, you can be pretty confident that you, your family, and friends can still enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

A fire pit dining table comes with a housing that contains a tank of portable gas and a gas line. Several burners are attached to the gas tank underneath, which acts as the fuel supplier.

The fire pit dining table is also equipped with an ignition switch. As soon as you turn the switch on, the burners ignite and give that lovely appearance of real wood or coal fire.

Some fire pit dining table models come with mesh covers over the burners in order to prevent clogging. But some units are equipped with glass that surrounds the fire pit, making them more aesthetically pleasing.

There is a crucial difference between a fire pit dining table and a regular fire pit. Most fire pits come with a simple base surrounded by bricks or pavers. In contrast, fire pit dining tables, which also come with a base, are designed to fit into tables.

Fire pit dining tables are generally powered by gasses and are available as burners. This is not to imply that there are no fire pit dining tables that use other sources of fuel.

But the benefits of gas-powered fire pit dining tables are numerous. For instance, they are easier to clean than other types fueled by a different source. 

Gas-powered fire pit dining tables do not leave piles of ashes that you have to clean up.

But the same cannot be said for wood-burning or charcoal-burning fire pit dining tables. Gas-powered fire pit dining tables also offer fewer hassles. All you need to do is set the gas, relax and enjoy the warmth of the flame with your family. 

However, you have to put in more wood or charcoal in fire pit dining tables that use them as sources of fuel. 

Lastly, gas-powered fire pit dining tables are more visually appealing and safer than their wood-burning or charcoal-burning counterparts. 

No unsightly residues are left at the end of a beautiful and entertaining evening. Seeing the flames as they leap and dance in the glass is a lovely and treasurable sight.

It is easier to control the flames from gas-powered fire pit dining tables. You don’t even have to worry about your pet or kids coming too close to the fire.

Fire pit dining tables are available in trendy shapes and constructed with different high-grade materials. The ideal style features a mid-height profile that encourages intimate meals and conversations.

Fire pit dining tables are excellent outdoor companions, especially for those who love hosting alfresco dining on chilly nights. It is also ideal for those who like late-night conversations with friends around open fires.

A great example of fire pit dining table is the Elementi Sonoma Dining Table OFG201

Best Brands of Fire Pits 

Now that we have seen the types of fire pits out there, we will take a look at some of the top brands you should consider when buying one. Several brands construct fire pits; some are renowned, while others are still climbing up the ranks. 

These brands are focused more on the production side of the business, and we at Sheds Network help them with the distribution, so feel free to buy any of these at our store. Here are some of the best brands of fire pits:

1. Pyromania

Pyromania Inc. is a manufacturing and design company dedicated solely to the social aspect of fire. The organization is based in Southern California and is blessed with the perfect lifestyle and weather for those who love enjoying fireside entertainment outdoors.

Pyromania has spent several years designing, developing, and manufacturing a wide range of fire features. This includes items such as 6,000-pound polished granite boulders to reclaimed wood and metal industrial-style dining tables.

The team behind Pyromania Inc. has spent many years honing its skills to fully understand the retail market much better than it used to. Pyromania now offers semi-custom and retail fire tables to its numerous customers, home and abroad. 

Pyromania may be somewhat biased, but its new lines are very much local-inspired products. The diversity of the famous Southern California lifestyle and weather dramatically influences the company on its new product lines.

Pyromania’s line of products comes with different vibes etched into the designs, including the kitschy and mid-century modern style of Palm Springs, the laid-back vibe of San Diego, as well as the hipster movement of the Los Angeles arts districts.


Elementi Fires is a company located in Oxfordshire that supplies the latest in liquid and natural gas fire pits ideal for outdoor occasions throughout the year. 

Elementi Fires creates fire pits in all sizes and shapes from a wide variety of man-made and natural materials. The company also offers bespoke ordering services with 12 to 18 weeks lead times. 

Elementi Fires, whose slogan is ‘The Art of Fire,’ delivers its products across England and even overseas, making it one of the fewest, most versatile fire pit companies today. You will get the highest quality products at incredibly competitive prices.

When you buy your  Elementi Fire pit from us, you get free shipping to all continental states along with top-notch customer support.


Modeno is a company established in Los Angeles, USA, in 2001. It is made up of a highly-skilled group of craftsmen and artists dedicated to bringing unique and creative outdoor living features to its numerous customers.

Modeno has up to 20 years of creating outdoor living product experiences for its diverse customers. The founders of this great company have successfully built professional R&D and production lines teams. They specialize in trendy designs and frontier technology.

Modeno promises to brighten your entire outdoor living space with its unique line of products. This company uses advanced materials such as lightweight glass-fiber reinforced concrete, or PVC covers, to create highly durable, water-resistant, and sturdy fire pits that won’t crack easily.

Modeno’s fire pits generate adjustable and lasting flames that guarantee about 10.5 to 21.4 hours of burn time, running on nothing but a full standard 20-pound propane tank.

Modeno makes CSA-approved fire pits safe for outdoor use, and all their products are backed with iron-clad warranties.

4.Prism Fire Pits

Prism Fire Pits or Prism Hardscapes is a company that creates personalized, dependable products and services that ultimately capture your entire outdoor living space. 

The company is more concerned about creating the perfect outdoor space and focusing on customers' design preferences. These are custom made, meaning you can select your color, burner and crystals.

Prism Fire Pits selects the perfect shapes, colors, and patterns in order to create a desirable outdoor living space that fits your home, vision, and even lifestyle. Every design is visionary and is coupled with professional handcrafted processes that produce one-of-a-kind creations.

5.Slick Rock

Slick Rock is a manufacturing and design company fully devoted to creating nothing but the best in highly decorative concrete landscape elements. 

The company is backed by highly experienced local artisans that design and produce contemporary fire bowls, concrete planters, PSD benches, Perimeter Security Devices, as well as outstanding concrete landscape elements for commercial and residential home projects.

Slick Rock offers design-oriented and reliable products with a highly reputable history of beauty and quality. Every concrete product from the stable of this company is individually handmade with extreme attention to detail.

Slick Rock’s expert craftsmanship also focuses on the use of exclusive fiberglass molds to create unique and beautiful concrete planters that fit your design and atmosphere. The company has carried out years of in-depth tests and formulated its proprietary concrete mix in order to provide awesomely durable concrete in lightweight packages.

You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your customized product design with Slick Rock. Just select your desired product, choose from the company's unique color options, and the expert artisans will take it up from there.

6.Outdoor GreatRoom Company™

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ is situated in the heart of Minnesota and manufactures exceptional, upscale products. These unique products have design appeal for all outdoor living areas.

Some of the products The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ manufactures include:

  • Gas fire burners
  • Outdoor gas fireplaces
  • Gas fire pit tables
  • Outdoor kitchen islands
  • Outdoor patio furniture
  • Accessories 

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ also creates unique, custom products for commercial and residential applications. This organization was the first to launch into the gas fire pit category. This move effectively positioned The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ as the go-to expert for outdoor fires.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ helps define its clients’ outdoor experience. The organization achieves this by setting the trends outside as your one-stop shop for friendly and reliable service, safe products, as well as innovative technology.

The primary mission of Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ is to bring friends and family together by redefining home living experiences via innovative products and people.

7.Fire Pit Art®

Fire Pit Art® LLC is a company that manufactures fire pits perfect for your outdoor living area. The company, which has its headquarters located in Lebanon, Tennessee, in the United States of America, has a wide range of steel sculpture designs and custom steel fire pit designs created by the pros behind the company.

Fire Pit Art® also creates custom commercial fire pits for business facilities. If you also require a fire pit tailored to your specific needs or tastes or specifications, Fire Pit Art® is the go-to source.

Fire Pit Art® is increasingly becoming one of the most reputable and respected sources of custom-made fire pit designs in the United States and beyond. 

Every material this company uses for its fire pits is of the highest quality and durable. The fire pits from Fire Pit Art® deliver warmth and aesthetic value anywhere, any day.

You can get any of these amazing fire pit brands from us today and enjoy exquisite and limited inventory.

What To Look For When Buying a Fire Pit

Not all fire pits are created equal, as there is no shortage of sizes and designs. This is why it is crucial to know what to look for when you are in the market for a durable fire pit.

Of course, your final choice depends considerably on your house’s design and stylistic preferences. Nevertheless, these key points will make your search for the best fire pit easier for you.

Here are some of the factors you should consider or look out for when looking to buy a fire pit:


The materials used in constructing fire pits range from copper and stainless steel to tile and stone. Stone is usually heavy; it is the best option for square and larger fire pits that will never be moved around.

The same principle goes for fire pits made from stainless steel. Stainless steel fire pits are incredibly expensive. However, these fire pits are highly resistant to rust and ruin. They are also one of the most accessible fire pits to clean. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a top-of-the-range fire pit, stainless steel is an excellent option to consider. Tile fire pits are fire-proof, just like their counterparts made from stone. Tile fire pits are mainly used as decorative touches on much smaller fire pits.

But if your goal is to invest in something standard, a copper fire pit should be at the top of your list. Fire pits constructed from copper are coated with powder in order to efficiently combat the onslaught of the elements. 

These fire pits also have shiny appearances or looks, which help accentuate the beauty of the spot they are positioned.

Another notable material is concrete. One of the great things about using concrete or high-performance cast concrete material for your fire pit is that there are a huge amount of options to fit your needs. You can find them  as big or small as you want, and you can choose from a variety of shapes and designs. You can also add seating areas around the pit, which makes it perfect for social gatherings.

Another benefit of using concrete or high-performance cast concrete material is that it is durable and long-lasting.

In other words, if what you need is a fire pit that will wear incredibly well while extending the structure's life then a concrete fire pit is the best option. 

Burner (BTUS) for Enough Heat

The temperature of a specific fire pit depends significantly on the container of the fire as well as its fuel source. You can get a wide range of temperatures from using a durable fire pit. The temperature of fire pits is usually measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs).

Most fire pits – and even fireplaces – generate heat that ranges from 30,000 to 100,000 BTUs. The higher a fire pit's BTU, the more warmth you will feel from the fire pit.

Wood, propane, or natural gas are the 3 primary options for fire pits' fuel sources. Every fuel source has its unique benefits.

For instance, fire pits powered with propane can generate an average heat output that ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 BTUs. These are just enough BTUs to keep you warm on cold evenings. However, it is not uncommon to discover commercial fire pits that generate up to 70,000 BTUs.

On the other hand, wood-burning fire pits can generate up to 60,000 BTUs. In some cases, you will even discover that a few wood-burning fire pits generate as much as 100,000 BTUs. Although this type of fire pit is a favorite among many users, it is not the ideal option for everyone. 

This is because maintaining the flame from a wood-burning fire pit is somewhat challenging. The same problem is encountered when it comes to keeping the flame at the perfect or correct heat level. It is also somewhat dangerous and messier than natural gas or propane-powered fire pits.

Weather Resistance

The high-performance concrete fire pit again is the best for resisting any form of harsh weather condition and would last for much longer. Their versatile designs and customization options put them in the lead.

The type of material a fire pit is made from determines how resistant it will be against the elements. stainless steel fire pits would be a good second choice. They are an excellent choice for backyards and patios. They are also relatively inexpensive and strong compared to other materials used in constructing fire pits.

Although stainless steel fire pits may not be as attractive as cast iron pits, the former adds convenience and pleasing aesthetics to a patio or backyard without driving costs upwards.

Stainless steel fire pits are low maintenance options as they require minimal initial set-up as well as occasional cleaning. These fire pits are relatively lightweight, making them easy to move from one spot to another when necessary.


Different fire pit brands offer different warranties. This means that no all-inclusive warranty exists.

For instance, the fire pit brand – i.e. Fire Pit Art® – offers a 10-year warranty after the date of purchase on all fire pit components, excluding gas components. All returns must be sent through prepaid freight and in the original retail packaging.

Before this brand renders warranty services, you must tender proof of purchase, which is a normal process. We at Sheds Network will help you with the warranty process if needed.

On the other hand, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™, another renowned fire pit brand, offers a warranty on most of its fire pit products powered by different fuel sources.

Therefore, consider the warranty of the brand of fire pit you are interested in before you purchase the product. 

Ask specific questions such as: what are the length of time and details for the warranties? Who handles the warranty on the vessel? Who is in charge of handling the burner warranty? 

This will give you the information you need to help you make a good buying decision as you shop for a fire pit

How Many BTUs Should A Fire Pit Have?

BTUs or British Thermal Units refer to a unit of energy needed to heat a pound of water by precisely one degree Fahrenheit at sea level. 

But concerning BTUs for fire pits – or any other outdoor decorative appliance – the greater the BTU, the more heat and flame the fire pit generates. BTU output generally ranges from 30,000 to 100,000 on fire pits. Therefore, the higher the British Thermal Unit, the more warmth a fire pit emits.

How many BTUs a fire pit should have depends on the height of a burner and the flame appearance. It also depends on the purpose for which it was purchased. Is it for just a few people around your backyard or larger crowds, or simply a fire table to eat some snacks and drinks? These are often affected by several factors besides the British Thermal Unit.

For instance, the amount of air that mixes with the gas before it ignites affects the overall flame height and color. More air equals bluer flame color, but the flame will be shorter, cleaner, and of a higher temperature.

To this end, more air is usually added to a fire pit via an air shutter at the orifice location. Closing the air shutter lessens the air, producing a taller, yellow flame. If sustained for too long, dirty, sooty flames emerge.

Although fire pits powered by gasses are cleaner than their wood-burning counterparts, the CO2 generated can still be dangerous.

In other words, the larger the orifice, the more BTU’s the burner generates, assuming every other thing is the same. Higher gas pressures also equal more BTUs.

Moreover, liquid propane generates more BTUs – i.e. 2500 BTU/ft3 than natural gas (1000 BTU/ft3).

Liquid propane and natural gas are generally sold by the British Thermal Unit. This implies that the more BTUs a burner consumes per hour, the more it will cost you to keep the burning appliance going.

Therefore, while most people generally prefer high BTU measures for their gas-powered fire pits, it is essential to consider many other factors before purchasing the most suitable fire pit. 

We recommend fire pits between 45-60,000 BTUS for home use, and 80-100,000 BTUs for bigger places, such as the crowded waiting area of a restaurant.

BTU to Look Out For

This can be pretty subjective when it comes to the BTUs to look out for when shopping for a fire pit. For instance, every individual has their own heating preferences. 

Some people feel 'warm' at specific temperatures, while others will require a higher temperature in order to feel warm.

Moreover, several factors also impact precisely how warm you – or your friends/family – can feel around a fire pit. These factors include – but are not limited to the following:

  • Your regional climate
  • Your proximity and that of your guests to the fire pit
  • How windy the location is outside
  • The type of fire pit that you desire

This is why the best way to accurately determine the BTU you need is to measure the flame's temperature using a specialized thermometer.

A standard propane-powered outdoor fire pit will feature between 40,000 and 150,000 BTUs. 

This is quite a wide range, but you can also look out for fire pits that guarantee the following BTUs:

  • 120,000 BTU fire pit (With this amount of BTU’s this would be a commercial fire pit. It is intended as a big fire pit to heat more than 10 people)
  • 100,000 BTU fire pit ( 8-10 people, and will start to be considered commercial fire pit)
  • 80,000 BTU fire pit ( this would be a mid-size fire pit - 6 people would be OK)
  • 40,000-50,000 BTU fire pit (Ideal for small gatherings in your backyard and most common)

The fuel source for your fire pit also determines the BTU you will obtain. For instance, you can increase or decrease the BTU of a wood-burning fire pit by adding or removing the amount of fuel, i.e. wood. 

Fire pits powered by bio-ethanol – in gel or liquid form – provide lower BTUs. They do not burn as intensely as propane-powered or natural gas fire pits.

Purpose of Fire Pits 

Installing fire pits is not limited to outdoor spaces in backyards or patios. Fire pits are used extensively in restaurants and bars. This implies that the purpose a fire pit serves when installed at home is not the same as the one installed in a bar, restaurant, or outdoor area.

Fire Pits in Homes

Fire pits can be installed in various parts of the home, i.e. indoors – as tabletop fire pits – or outdoors in the backyard or patio.

Fire pits installed in the backyard usually are placed to create a great ambiance with the company of friends and family. In most cases, concrete (propane or natural gas) fire pits are preferred, though wood fire pits  are also used extensively in such gatherings.

Tabletop fire pits installed at homes are usually fueled by propane or natural gas.

Fire Pits in Restaurant

Fire pits add natural touches to the outdoor setting of a restaurant. They provide warmth while adding that simple touch of natural décor to the restaurant. It livens up the mood and makes such restaurants ideal spots for romantic or dinner dates.

The type of fire pits usually installed in restaurants includes silhouette and tabletop fire pits as well as steel bowls. These fire pits can be more functional or decorative but will ultimately complement the aesthetics and style of the restaurant.

It is also not uncommon for restaurants to install lightweight tabletop concrete fire pits. These tabletop fire pits amp up the experiences of the guests while lending a sophisticated look to the restaurant.

Fire Pits in Bars

Bars are not left out when it comes to installing fire pits. Some bars use fire pits to demarcate steps or use their shapes to create different, unique spaces for relaxation.

Some bars have outdoor spaces where patrons can take in the cool of the evening at the end of a hard day's work. A few bars use fire pits as elegant heat sources in their outdoor spaces, giving it that attractive, romantic setting.

Fire Pits in the Outdoor Area

Fire pits in outdoor areas are usually the center of gatherings. They give guests thrilling opportunities to have fun and entertainment together.

Fire pits in outdoor areas also add that rustic atmosphere that encourages conversations as marshmallows soak in the heat. The fire pits set up an impressive ambiance, and guests can play picnic games while enjoying their food or simply get warmth and have great chats.

Wood-burning or propane-powered fire pits are usually the best options for outdoor areas.

Outdoor Vs Indoor Fire Pits

Two major types of fire pits exist: outdoor and indoor fire pits. Outdoor fire pits provide the highly coveted 360-degree experience ideal for large groups of individuals. They foster entertainment while providing the warmth, light, and ambiance everyone needs to enjoy a relaxed evening outdoors.

On the other hand, indoor fire pits help boost the overall aesthetic appeal of any house. And tend to be more as fire tables. They allow you to experience that comfort level that outdoor pits cannot really provide. This is why indoor fire pits are becoming popular, as many consider them worthy investments.

A wide variety of outdoor fire pits and indoor fire pits are available. Every option has numerous advantages and disadvantages. 

Here are some of the best outdoor and indoor fire pits, set in different categories.

Best Fire Pit Overall 

The PyroMania Fire Moderne is a fire pit that is designed to provide a modern look and feel to your outdoor living space. The PyroMania fire pits have a beautiful design that will complement any patio or deck. 

It also has an electronic ignition system that makes starting the fire easy and hassle-free. The PyroMania Fire Moderne is the perfect way to add ambiance and warmth to your backyard this winter.


It comes with a commercial grade canvas cover and Authentic Bali lava rock

The PyroMania Fire Moderne is the perfect addition to your home, restaurant, or bar. Its captivating design will surely impress your guests. It is guaranteed to last for several years, and the burner creates flames for a relaxing atmosphere. It can be fueled by natural gas or propane, each with specific user manuals.

Best Smokeless Fire Pit

The best smokeless fire pit is the Elementi Granville Fire Table, which generates up to 45,000 BTUs fueled by propane. This big fire pit can seat up to 10 people and gives zero fumes during operation.

The Elementi Granville Fire Table is constructed with cast concrete for durability. It has a CSA-certified burner ring. The burner pan size comes as 41.3" x 11.3" x 2" and the burner ring construction is 16-gauge type 304 stainless steel.

The Elementi Granville Fire Table comes with 13.2 pounds of lava rock included in the package, as well as a canvas cover. It has a push-button spark ignition system that makes the fire table easy to operate. This fire table is backed by a solid one-year warranty, though accessories are sold separately.

Best Durable Fire Pit 

Prism Hardscapes Tavola 6 Fire Table is a fire pit that features a spectacular standalone masterpiece with a tempered black glass exterior.  The sturdy structure is made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement and this makes it highly durable.

This fire pit is fitted with a 65,000 BTU brass burner and comes with a 16-inch burner plate, 50 pounds of lava rock, and a Flex Line Kit. Prism Hardscapes Tavola 6 F Table also has an adjustable height feature that allows you to adjust the height according to your preference. 

The fire table comes in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs. It can be used indoors or outdoors, making it perfect for both residential and commercial use. This fire table has a capacity of up to 300L and you can place any type of wood log inside the fire pit.

This fire pit is suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor use. You can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of the fire pit at home or in the garden.

This fire table is suitable for all types of weather conditions and you can enjoy its beauty throughout the year. This fire pit is easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe off the dirt using a soft cloth and you are good to go again!

Best Fire Pit For Value 

The PyroMania Fire Paloma is a great fire pit for the money, and it's also very easy to use. It has an auto-ignition system that makes starting your fire as easy as turning on a light switch.

This fire pit is made from high-grade steel and features a durable powder coat finish. The Fire Paloma is made of durable cast iron with a powder-coated finish. The FirePaloma is constructed from heavy-duty steel and features a large cooking surface area. This fire pit will heat up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

This fire pit comes equipped with a removable grate and a lid. You can remove the grate when you are not using this fire pit. The PyroMania Fire Paloma generates up to 50,000 BTU and can last for 8 hours. This fire pit is a great choice in terms of quality and pricing.

Best Outdoor Fire Pits

Several outdoor fire pits take up this category. This includes the PyroMania Fire Alchemy Rectangle Concrete Fire Pit Table and the PyroMania Fire Millenia. These are currently the best outdoor fire pits on the market.

The PyroMania Fire Alchemy Rectangle Concrete Fire Pit Table is a handcrafted electric fire pit that enhances cozy nights with friends. Its stylish design makes this elegant outdoor fire table perfect for cool evenings outdoors and impressive addition to any deck or patio.

PyroMania Fire Alchemy is constructed from reinforced high-performance concrete with slate textures. This makes it weatherproof and highly durable. It comes with a CSA-certified 50,000 BTU burner, thermocouple-controlled safety valve, and electronic ignition.

The PyroMania Fire Millenia is a tycoon-worthy styled fire pit without the customary high price tag. With its low-profile stainless steel burner and travertine textured sides, this rectangle fire pit perfectly sets the ambiance for evening entertainment. 

It is a handmade fire pit constructed from high-performance concrete with up to 2 coats of crystal-clear sealer applied. It also features genuine Bali beach lava rock bedding as well as articulating feet and a weatherproof canvas cover.

The clever shape of the PyroMania Fire Millenia makes it easy to position on any surface. This fire pit is fitted with a thermos-couple regulated, CSA-certified 50,000 BTU burner as well as convenient electronic ignition powered by 1.5v batteries.

This handmade rectangle fire pit has a trough burner design that creates unique desirable curtain flames all night long.

Best Wood Burning Fire Pits

The best wood burning fire pits are:

These fire pits are perfect wood-burning options for those who love to recreate rustic atmospheres every night. They are functional and provide the needed light, warmth, and ambiance that makes every night full of entertainment and memories.

These wood-burning fire pits are equipped with AWEIS (All Weather Electronic Ignition System), which includes a Fire Module, 24-volt AC transformer, as well as Heat Shield and Install instructions. 

This is the most durable and safest ignition system, complete with windproof design and flame-sensing technology.

Best Gas Fire Pits

Several gas fire pits take up this category. These outdoor fire pits light up any gathering, keeping it cozy throughout the season. The best gas fire pits provide warmth as well as a touch of sophistication and elegance to outdoor spaces.

The best gas fire pits in this category include

Best Fire Pit Table

The Elementi Granville Fire Table is the best fire table, perfect for beautiful weather. The Elementi Granville Fire Table enhances everyday surroundings that allow you to enjoy a crackling campfire or backyard fire pit throughout the year.

This attractive fire table, which can be operated with a simple switch, is fueled by propane or natural gas. If you want hours of outdoor entertainment, the Elementi Granville Fire Table is the best choice.

The Elementi Granville Fire Table features stunning cast concrete construction and stainless steel burner. This rectangular fire pit is durable and stylish finish – as well as the lava rocks and canvas cover included in the package – ensure your top-of-the-line fire pit is always set to entertain everyone.

This remarkable fire table has a heat output of 45,000 BTUs, guaranteed to keep you warm all year long. Its electronic ignition system makes it easy to operate, and its auto safety shut-off is for added safety.

The Elementi Granville Fire Table comes with different user manuals, depending on whether you purchase the version powered by propane or natural gas.

You will also enjoy free shipping, a full manufacturer warranty, and zero taxes in most states.

Best Propane Fire Pits

The Elementi Fiery Rock Fire Table always brings up the heat on any patio and creates the perfect dramatic outdoor ambiance. This fire table also adds a genuine touch that effectively completes the exterior design of your home.

The Elementi Fiery Rock Fire Table is beautiful and functional, thanks to its dramatic flame effect. It is the best propane fire pit on this list, bar none.

The Elementi Fiery Rock Fire Table heats up in style. This high-performance cast concrete construction is undoubtedly built to last. It comes with lava rocks that add a unique look to the flames. It also has an auto shut-off safety system that ensures no one gets hurt.

The sturdy construction of this round fire pit makes it an excellent choice for any outdoor living space. It is the perfect patio centerpiece and always provides that inviting and warm atmosphere.

Cheap Fire Pit

Though fire pits generally cost thousands of dollars, cheap fire pits exist. Many of them even work – and look as good – like the expensive ones. Besides, most guests won't notice how cheap the fire pit is as long as it provides warmth, light, and ambiance.

The cheapest types of fire pits are wood-burning fire pits. They use natural wood to get going, though not as eco-friendly and clean-burning as the pricier options such as ethanol fire pits, gel fuel fire pits, and propane fire pits.

Moreover, you have to consider how much outdoor space you have since fire pits are available in many sizes and designs. The elegant and stylish but cheap fire pits are usually available for less than $1,000.

Some of the cheapest but most stylish fire pits include:

These are cheap fire pits that cost less than $1,000 each and are fueled by propane. But they do the job of the pricier models that you know.

Is It Worth Buying a Fire Pit?

Fire pits easily make you win the ‘Best Back in the Neighborhood’ award. This is because fire pits provide light and warmth when cold outside. They also add a relaxed ambiance to a night of entertainment.

But there are so many other ways that anyone can use fire pits.

For instance, fire pits are excellent entertainment tools for entertaining friends, family, or guests. They allow you to bond remarkably well with your loved ones and engage in activities that are ideal for the whole family.

Fire pits rarely cause discomfort unless in sweltering weather or temperatures. Some fire pits are ornamental and are often used as part of hardscaping projects.

Other pros of using fire pits include:

  • The ease of installation
  • Instant ambiance to outdoor living areas or spaces
  • The wide range of function and power
  • Availability at pocket-friendly prices

Of course, fire pits are not without a few disadvantages. But is it worth investing in a fire pit? Definitely yes! Buying a fire pit is worth it. 

More and more people spend lots of time outdoors lately, and fire pits can enhance the beauty of your backyard without costing you an arm and a leg.

You can get your hands on the chicest, cheap fire pits for less than $1,000 and still have one of your neighborhood's most-loved backyards or patios. Or invest a little more and a get a fantastic durable fire pit for years to come.


Fire pits are always significant trends in patio or backyard makeovers, and there's no sign they will go away soon. They provide warmth on cool nights and are excellent places for family, friends, and even neighbors to hang out.

There are several fire pit options to choose from, meaning a particular model or style will fit every backyard or patio. You can use a fire pit to add a touch of class to your already fabulous and impressive backyard.

Therefore, get a brand-new fire pit today and get set to enjoy the first of many nights spent enjoying the great company of friends and family around a safe, open flame.

Fire Pit FAQs

  • What is the Best Type of Fire Pit to Buy?

The best types are natural gas or propane fire pits constructed with highly durable materials.

  • Which Fire Pits Give Off the Most Heat?

Since dense woods like oak and hickory generate the most BTUs, wood pits give off the most heat. This is because woods can generate fires larger than gas burners. Others are commercial fire pits which BTUs go over 100,000

  • What Type of Fire Pit is Best?

A gas-powered fire pit is the best option, a much better choice than its wood-burning counterpart. 

But this is only if you intend to position your fire pit in a covered area or space. You will be able to control the flames easily, and there will be little risk of straying embers.

  • What is the Safest Fire Pit?

Natural gas or propane fire pits are considered the safest, especially those with CSA approval for the best quality marker.

  • Do Fire Pits Actually Keep You Warm?

Wood logs and gas fires generally burn at low temperatures that range from 200 degrees Celsius to 400 degrees Celsius of radiant heat. Fire pits can give you great warmth and comfort.

  • Is It OK to Have a Fire Pit in My Backyard?

This depends significantly on several factors. This includes the guidelines and rules for open burning in your location or region. You have to also consider whether such a move is legal or not.

This is why you should find out the types of fires that necessitate getting a permit from authorized government bodies, including what is typically known as a recreational fire in your location.

  • Which Fire Pits are the Warmest?

The warmest fire pits are wood-burning fire pits, especially those constructed low to the ground. These wood-burning fire pits usually feature several openings in the sides.


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